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Mr Coffee Javamax 2.24 Quart Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealed Double Wall Pump Pot
Model: 116948.01

Condition: New


The Mr. Coffee Javamax 2.24 Qt Pump Pot is a great way to serve coffee or any other beverage at your

next dinner, party or other event. With this insulated dispenser, you can make the coffee or tea ahead of time, and at the end of the evening it will still be fresh and piping hot. No need for the hostess to ask "who wants coffee or tea?" and then disappear into the kitchen to get it all ready. Get two or three dispensers and you can give your guests their choice of regular coffee, decaf coffee or tea, and have it all appear instantly. The best solution for the office, work, school or camping.
Mr. Coffee Javamax 2.24 Qt Pump Pot dispensers have a large three-liter capacity(though of course you don't have to fill it all the way up for smaller gatherings), and are made of double-walled stainless steel and heat-resistant plastic.
They'll look elegant on your table or sideboard,
and the beverages dispense easily with a press of the button on top. And of course these work for cold beverages too. The wide-mouth top allows you to add ice cubes, so you don't even need to refrigerate your beverages beforehand; adding ice will chill it down in only minutes.
The Thermos has an easy to use air pump dispenser and an easy carrying handle for easy transport. The double stainless tell wall, makes sure the beverage is kept hot or cold. The thermos also has a built in swivel on the bottom, which will allow the pump to rotate 360 degree. Hand-wash ONLY and DO NOT Microwave.

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