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Better Chef 18 Quart Aluminum Dutch Oven
Model: D1801S

Condition: New


This is the dutch oven you want to have in any kitchen. The non stick coating in the dutch oven

makes it easy to cook without or very little usage of oil, which makes the cooking healthy. The dutch oven has the tempered glass lid, which makes it easy to look what is being cooked. The glass lid will keep thew food warm. The dutch oven also comes with the cool touch bakelite handles to carry the dutch oven from the counter to table, not oven safe.

  • Ultra heavy gauge aluminum
  • Heat resistant temper glass lid
  • High quality non-stick interior
  • Bakelite handles with heat protector
  • 18 Quart Capacity

  • Retails Online: $49.99

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    Weight: 6 lb